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About us
Fayans brand is developed on the Bulgarian market by Roca Bulgaria, part of Roca Group – the world’s leading producer of bathroom furnishing. The almost 100 years old Company employs around 21.100 workers throughout the world. Roca has 76 production plants; its sales network is spread throughout 135 countries and is present in 5 continents.
Roca entered the Bulgarian market in 1999 with the acquisition of the factory Fayans in Kaspichan where the company has its own team, warehouse and stock base. Roca makes significant production investments, introduces new technologies, treatment facilities, quality and environmental management systems.
Nowadays, Roca is the largest Spanish industrial investor in Bulgaria, and the factory in Kaspichan, founded in the distant 1919 - one of the most modern in Europe for production of sanitary ware products. 
In 2005 the Roca Bulgaria factory it the city of Kaspichan was certified for a management quality system in line with the international standard ISO 9001, and since 2009 has a certificate ISO 14001:2004 for its environmental management system.
Besides Fayans, Roca Bulgaria offers to the Bulgarian market also Roca and Laufen brands.

Roca Bulgaria has the following awards:
2007 – First award in a competition for Perfection in health and safe working conditions, Perfect Consult.
2008 - First award for Social Responsibility towards customers, “Socially Responsible Company of the Year", Pari Daily and Deloitte.
2009 - First award for Social Responsibility towards the environment, "Socially Responsible Company of the Year", Pari Daily and Deloitte.
2011 – Diploma of Thanks of the Governor of Shumen for excellence in providing healthy and safe working conditions for the employees.
2011 – Diploma and a second award in the Industry and Manufacturing sector category; competition for the greenest companies in Bulgaria; b2b Media in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Water, Bulgarian Center for the green economy and other partners.

2012 – Third place in category “Services and trade” in the contest for the greenest companies in Bulgaria, organized by B2B Media.
2012 – Third place in the competition for National Awards for safety and health at work for 2012, organized by General Labour Inspectorate General Agency within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, with the cooperation of Foundation Center for Safety and Health at Work.

Fayans products
Fayans created the Bulgarian tradition for sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Fayans offers complete concepts for bathroom furniture in one common style - from washbasins, wc pans and monoblocks to faucets, bathtubs or shower trays, bathroom furniture or accessories.
Fayans reflects and follows the taste and the requirements of the Bulgarian customers by developing its new models according to the different sizes of the Bulgarian dwellings - large and small.

Fayans efforts are focused in finding the right balance economy / functionality in compliance with the European standards and accessibility of the offered products.

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